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Breccia Capraia


The marble BRECCIA CAPRAIA is extracted from the Apuan Alps.

Historical marble used in architecture since ancient times from the white color with veins that vary from gray-violet-orange and green.

Marble that with its strong character makes each creation precious and unique.

Used for both indoor and outdoor furniture.


Color: white, pink, green

Technical Sheet

Source Location
Compression breaking load
1334 Kg/cm²
Compression breaking load after freezing
1214 Kg/cm²
Ultimate textile strenght
239 Kg/cm²
Thermal linear expansion coefficient
0,0064 mm/m °C
Water absorption
0,12 %
Impact test: min fall height
48,8 cm
Frictional wear test
5,79 mm
Bulk density
2702 Kg/m³
Elasticity module
766000 Kg/cm²
Carrara Marble Block
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