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Travertino Noce . (1)


Travertino Noce has a light brown color.

Depending on the cut .... if the cut is parallel to the slope, the travertine will appear more shaded and animated and each slab will appear slightly different from the other, while if the cut is orthogonal or against the slope, the color will be more intense brown and homogeneous in all the slabs. In fact, in the latter case you can clearly see all the layers of calcium carbonate that make up the rock.

Color: brown

Technical Sheet

Source Location
Compression breaking load
1160 Kg/cm²
Compression breaking load after freezing
1150 Kg/cm²
Ultimate textile strenght
160 Kg/cm²
Thermal linear expansion coefficient
0,0060 mm/m °C
Water absorption
1,60 %
Impact test: min fall height
35 cm
Frictional wear test
Bulk density
2415 Kg/m³
Elasticity module
555000 Kg/cm²
Carrara Marble Block
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